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We are one of the most trusted cut and sew manufacturers UK has to offer. Based in London, we are a first-choice maker of clothes for a variety of established and well-known brands in the fashion and bridal world.
Our services include sample making, dressmaking, production and collection development tailored to perfection.

Dressmakers Services

We are a full CMT factory with very low MOQ. That's why we are a prefered clothing manufacturer for startups, bridal designers and big brands developing new collections or creating one-off pieces.


We are professional maker of clothes who work with an array of fabrics, from the finest 100% silk to supple leather. Using highly efficient and precise industrial machinery, we create results of the highest quality.


Our custom experience is tailored to perfection with personalized attention. As a result, we are now able to provide the highest quality garments with even the most complex designs in a remarkably short period of time. We are go-to manufacturers London has to offer for customized work.


Our dressmaker London studio will ensure that your finished clothing piece, whether it be a dress, top, or trousers, is tailored to fit you perfectly. Our alterations will ensure that your piece looks just as you envisioned it during your runway show, photoshoot, or in your boutique window.

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Our clients

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